I have moved… to WordPress

Blogspot has been great for the time that it was used but I have recently found a new and better blog engine called wordpress. I am very satisfied and I have transefered all 3 blogs over to wordpress.

1. doyourdevotions.com

2. missionguatemala.info

3. leetomlin.com

Well, I will take a few minutes to post a little today. I cannot believe how busy the last week and a half has gone. I have created a church billboard for our road front advertisement, revamped our church website, and completely structured our Sunday School small group program.

I also managed to run 7 miles since Sunday and bike 15 miles.

Praise God things are starting to come together 🙂

I have lost 10 pounds and I am excited about maiting this track! Well, none of my other post have ever been this narcisitic, so for some crazy reason if you found this new blog today please forgive me and check it out again some other day!

Andy Stanley preached a great message this past week called “Here” and Newspring.cc had an incredible service about giving God the glory even through the tough times, there were some amazing testimonies there! Check them out!


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