Prodigal Son

Today I was reminded of potentially the best picture of true repentance in the Bible. I was taken to the story of the prodigal son.

You all know the story, so I will not take the time to go into all of the details. Instead I will focus on the issue of true repentance on the prodigal sons part.

When the Prodigal son came home from his wild ride, he came back saying this: “I am not worthy to be called your son, so I beg you, please make me your servant”

True Repentance can be seen in 3 ways in this story:

1. The prodigal changed his direction
– if we are truley repentant then we too will change directions turning away from our sin. After all, that is what repent means.

2. The prodigal was broken over his sin
-the faster we become broken over our sin, the faster our hearts will soften to the voice of God. We must beg God to keep us broken over our sin.

3. The prodigal was completely humble
– we have no grounds to turn from sin “if…” We have no authority to do what’s right “if they do”. We must acknowledge our sin, take full responsibility and maintain an honest view regarding our sin. We must also remind ourselves of how stupid we are when we allow lust to conceive in our hearts and turn into sin.

For us to say I am sorry if you are sorry, is NOT true repentance. Think about that.


One thought on “Prodigal Son

  1. If you know you are doing something that you may have to say your sorry, you sould not do it in the first place. Think before you do!

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