My Favorite iPhone Apps

I thought I would post a quick list of my favorite iPhone apps today. If you know of any great apps that I have not mentioned please post them in the comments below!

I will go in order of my most recent favorites:

Slydial: When was the last time you had to call someone and you prayed the whole time that they would not answer their phone because you did not want to talk to them? Well, with Slydial, you call straight to an individuals Voicemail. In fact it even shows a missed call on their phone, but their phone never rings, this allows you to leave them a message without the risk of having to talk to them 🙂 Pretty Sly Huh! (Cost: FREE)

Logmein: take control of any of your computers from your iphone, anytime and anywhere (with 3g service that is) I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but it is definitely worth the $29.99 price for this app, you can literally see your monitor on your iPhone screen and you can control it as if you were sitting at your desk. Great app!

DropBox: This is my newest app and it is pretty great! Put a shortcut on your computer and anytime you want to share a file with your iPhone you just drop in in the shortcut folder, it puts it right in your dropbox app and you can share it with any other computer or email it at anytime. (Cost: FREE)

C25K: sounds cheesy, I know, but it has changed my life. I am healthier than I have ever been. I now run about 15 miles a week, and when I started the program I could only run about 60 seconds without almost passing out. Great app and great program to get you “up and running” 🙂

Signature:  This is a neat little app that puts a nice little signature at the end of all your emails with sharp links to your facebook, twitter, rss feeds, and youtube.  I think this app was free but it may have cost $.99. Here is a screen clip of what it looks like: (no links)


MySongbook: Incredible app for any guitarist. you can import any guitar tab and store it on your iPhone. It will transpose the tab into your favorite chords and it has an automatic scroll feature so that you do not have to stop playing to slide the screen down.  It will also show you how to play any chord just by tapping the chord on the tab. Ingenius! Definitely one of my favorite apps.

Well, I am always looking for new apps, so if you find one, please let me know! Thanks

Lee Tomlin


4 thoughts on “My Favorite iPhone Apps

  1. Thanks Lee! Saw the link to this on your twitter. I’m always looking for new apps as well! That slydial sounds pretty sly! lol And of course, love the C25K! :o)
    I just downloaded an app today called Ping!, and it’s free. Pretty cool. It lets you send free texts to other iPhone and iPod touch users for free! You just exchange ID’s, and you’re not limited to a certain amount of characters! Plus, you’re not using up your texts on your plan. Pretty cool!

    Also, Starbucks has an official app now…free! Yay! :o)

    LOVE the flixter movies app…free

    Pandora Radio! free

    Ooh! My new favorite is Police Radio! It’s .99, but you just click your state, then city, and you can listen in on the police radios in your area! That might be a little dorky, but I love it!

    I think the Prayer Wall app is neat. free

    K-Love -free

    Anyway, just a few of my faves. :o) Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you find any more! I’m addicted to apps! lol!

  2. Since your an iPhone person and wordpress you should check out the wptouch Ad on for wordpress.(it’s an install in the blog itself) Makes your blog formated for mobile readers. Check it out

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