Current Read: Getting to NO

getting to no kindleA few days ago I got an urge to read a Lutzer book. Years ago I read an incredibly impacting book called “Winning the Inner War”. Well I am only a few chapters into this book and I am already recommending it to anyone who has ever struggled with a sinful habit, or to any pastor that plans on preaching on such.

I will share what I have already learned in the first few chapters. The reason I want to share it already is because I cannot get what I have read off my mind. It is an outstanding read so far!

Here are a few powerful quotes that stuck to me:

“If you doubt Gods goodness, you will only want to use God when you are in a predicament but keep your options open after things have returned to normal.”

“When you doubt Gods goodness, you hug sins tightly to your bosom, afraid that God will rob you of your crutch, your pastime, your pleasure… But is your way really better than God’s? Was Satan the good guy in the garden of Eden? And God the Villan?”

“If God did deliver you from sensual thoughts, would you feel cheated?”

“I’ve discovered that the most frustrating problem in helping those who come to me for counsel is simply that most people do not really want to change. Of course, they are prepared to make minor adjustments-particularly if their behavior is getting them into trouble… They would prefer to have God keep His activity in their lives to a minimum”

Wow! Such a great reminder that our first step toward failure is to doubt Gods goodness.

Isnt that what David said? “I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord…” Psalm 27


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