Guys are Jerks

Last night I spoke about sexual purity to the teenagers. It was really fun, I made it as uncomfortable as possible! They loved it! During one of my points I spoke about what guys should avoid (porn, harlots, sexual TV shows…), and then I talked about what girls should avoid… Guys.

I was obviously exaggerating, and I went on to explain that they should avoid certain kinds of guys (the kind who practice no self discipline when it comes to controlling their sexual passions) I explained that only a few  guys struggle with sexual immorality. For the rest, there is no struggle at all, they just do it. (pun intended)

I am going to look around today through scripture and through some good blogs to find some keys that will help us men  to  to be the leaders, the role models, the influencers, the Godly fathers, the Christ like husbands, that God created us to be. I will post my findings tomorrow. As I am looking around, if you think of any great keys or pointers please add them in the comment section below. I will add my favorites to the post tomorrow.

God gave us a desire and a passion for greatness, why do we settle for less?


2 thoughts on “Guys are Jerks

  1. This is really great Lee. I think boys (and men) today need all the help they can get. We live in a world that screams for people to live for themselves and their own satisfaction. It is no wonder that most of men don’t even struggle with this, they just give in. Thank you for showing boys how to be pure, godly men.

  2. Thanks for the great message last night, and being such a great role model for Will. He is blessed to have such a great dad, and I am blessed to have such a great husband!I love you so much!


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