Guys are Jerks 2

 Yesterday I began to lay out some thoughts about the quality of men in todays world. I explained my concerns and concluded by saying that I would check out scripture and a few blogs on the issue and post the best of everything that I could find.

Before I share what I found, I will first share my own thoughts…

I can talk about this issue of “guys being jerks” because I am one. If you dont believe it, ask my wife, and my son 🙂 (although he will only say hello and bye bye) But seriously, I know that guys are jerks, because far more often than I would like, I find myself being one. Let me explain something: guys do not wake up in the morning and think to ouselves, How can I be a jerk today. On the contrary, generally guys think, How can I be great today, how can I make everyone around me LOVE ME today, How can I not be a jerk today. The problem is not our intentions, but our methods. Guys become jerks when our desire to be great collides with our pride and our insecurities.

Let me explain: We dont plan on being a jerk, but when we fall short of the greatness we desire then our insecurities are activated and we immediately send the defense out on the field, pride quickly follows and we know from scripture that contention only comes by pride.

What can be done about it:


We must live in the spirit and not our flesh.

We must remind ourselves that sometimes we will fall short of the greatness we desire, and when we do, we need to accept it and learn from it. We must not let our insecurities lead us to pride, frustration and “Jerk-ness”.

Remember: People do not expect perfection from us, and when we do fail, we need the humility of Christ more than ever, NOT PRIDE.


When you see the “guy” in your life fail or succeed, make sure that you show love and ADMIRATION for him regardless. Many times, the reason for his frustration is because of  he wanted your admiration and respect more than anything and he thinks that because he fell short of his plan to impress you, there is no way that you could admire him, therefore his pride blows him up with a false sense of greatness, and let the problems begin…

Guys, lets not be jerks, there are enough of them out there already who aren’t even trying not to be. Live in the Spirit and you will not be controlled by your flesh!

Good Reading on the subject:

You have GOT to check out this blog: PERRY NOBLE

Another good one: MARK WILSON



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