The Remarkable Purple Cow

While on vacation last week, I picked up a book called “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin, recommended by Steven Furtick. It was a great book on marketing a remarkable product. Here are some of the greatest thoughts that I wrote down:

“If a products future is unlikely to be remarkable,… it is time to realize that the game has changed. Instead of investing in a dying product, invest profits into building something new” (Pg.27)

“Services that are worth talking about get talked about” (Pg. 33)

“When you launch a clunker, the criticisms of the failure will be real, but it won’t be about you- it’ll be about the idea” (Pg. 48)

“If a company is failing… the problem is this: They are probably running a company, not marketing a product” (Pg. 97)

“Challenge your people to start with a blank sheet of paper and figure out what they’d do if they could do just about anything. If they weren’t afraid of failing, what’s the most audacious thing they’d try?” (Pg. 105)

I really enjoyed reading this book, It was astounding to me how many of these marketing statements could be applied directly to ministry. Think about each statement in regards to the Christian life and the Church.

1. If the “old traditions” are ineffective to reach souls for Christ, then we need to leave the traditions and look for new ways to reach people. This does not mean water down doctrine or lower your standards, it means use the creativity that God has blessed us with to share the gospel. Andy Stanley says: “If you want to reach people that have never been reached then you have to do what has never been done”

2. I love this one: Put the word “church” before the second quote I listed: Church services that are worth talking about, get talked about. Jesus was not boring, a “church” service about Jesus and for Jesus should not be boring either.

3. Every idea that I come up with will not be a success, but learn from it, accept the criticism and move on. If you sit in our staff meetings then you would know I come up with some crazy ideas, some stupid ideas, alot of bad ideas, and occasionally a good idea. Dont give up when the bad ones get shot down 🙂

4. What would we do if we knew that we could not fail? Let’s do it!

Conclusion: the premise of this book is this: the first time you see a field of brown cows it catches your attention, but then as you see more and more, it gets boring. But what if you saw a purple cow! Now that would be remarkable! (for a while) The book goes on to explain that commercials do not work like they used to, for a product to do great now, it must be spread by WORD OF MOUTH.

That is was Jesus has been telling us to do from the beginning!

My application from the book: We have the most remarkable product ever! Jesus Christ! If we are truly living our Christian life with the abundance that God wants us to, then sharing our remarkable product will not be able to be stopped. Our product is already remarkable, we just need to live it and share it.


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