What is an RSS Feed?

Although RSS stands for “REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION”, it seems like there is nothing simple about it, at first. But I want to take just a second and explain it to you very basically. This will not be a thorough explanation, mainly because I don’t know a thorough explanation, but I will share with you why RSS Feeds are important and how you can get set up with one right now.


Every morning, I can walk outside and get the newspaper that has been freshly printed and freshly delivered to my house. It is really simple, I just walk outside and get it. A RSS Feed is basically the same thing: It is a delivery system for your favorite blogs.

Whether you read family blogs, friend blogs, mentor blogs, waste of time blogs, or any other kind of blog, through the RSS Feed system you can go to one place (whether it be your iPhone, your Kindle, or your google home page) every day to read all of those blogs, where they have been freshly delivered to you.

It is not necessary if you do not read blogs, but if you have more than two blogs that you find yourself checking a few times a week, it will save you a little bit of time to subscribe to their RSS Feed, so intead of you going to someones blog, their blog comes to you.

I am a huge fan of several different blogs, and every day I go on my iPhone to my Free RSS Reader app where I have 22 different blogs delivered to me daily (or whenever they are posted). Some of my favorites are: Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, Deadly Viper Blog, Greg Peters Live, Brad Cooper, Ben Jennings Blog, Lifechurch.tv, and The Batterson Blog

Well, if you have any other questions then I recommend Wiki or Google

Look to the right of my blog and you will see other RSS feeds that you can subscribe to, and don’t forget to click on that RSS Symbol at the top of this page 🙂

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