Sunday Night Trance

Sunday Night Trance

At the end of the day on Sunday, a pastor generally walks around in what would seem like a trance. After the emotional and physical wear that a busy day at church brings, a pastor wants and needs to just relax.  Many times however, that is the last thing that a pastor can do. Most Sundays, a pastors mind is in high gear thinking about all of the events of the day, which makes it tough to just turn off the excitement and relax. That is why you are here… The Sunday Night Trance is a place where I can go to drop off all of those thoughts about the day on Sunday, and maybe they will be an encouragement to you! Let’s get started.

• We had visitors again today who came because of our Trunk or Treat outreach! We have had new visitors every Sunday since November 1st because of that event!

• Our faithful sound man was out of town this week and Mr. Burton filled in and did a great job! Thank you!

• Pastor Chip preached an awesome message about how great Heaven is going to be! Makes we want to be there NOW!

• People were taking tickets for our Christmas Musical like CRAZY! If you want to get in the doors Saturday night you better not play around about getting your tickets! They are going quick!

• Tonight was a great service where we took part in the Lords Supper. Such a great service and a great message.

• Pastor Chip played an audio clip by Frank Peretti that was absolutely POWERFUL! I was ready to go to the alter in the middle of the audio clip. I should have!

• Tonight, during the Lord’s Supper we took the elements into the Nursery and I saw Deanne Parker in their watching my son and another toddler. I was so thankful for her, because she was willing to sit in their so that Katie could sit in the service with me! I love sitting with Katie!

• After church people WOULD NOT LEAVE! 🙂 that is a good thing! It is so cool to see people sitting around when church is over, just because they want to be with each other. Sound familiar. (Acts 2:43-47)

• Talked with Pastor Chip after church and he told me that a teenager walked up to him and asked if he could be in the choir!!! Are you kidding me! That is amazing!! Pastor asked him if he had accepted Christ and he said no, but he wanted to… Pastor led him to the Lord right there!! Praise God!! How cool is that! There are many senior pastors that would have just passed the buck on that… I am so thankful for a pastor that is passionate about introducing people to Christ!

•Excited about this week! Lots to do!

• I am pumped about TUESDAY NIGHT! We are going to have a great time testifying together about How Great Our God Is!!!!!

•Love you all! 🙂 As Deacon Mike said this morning: “Thanks for coming today and being such a blessing!!”


One thought on “Sunday Night Trance

  1. PL, I also couldn’t agree more about all the highlights of the day! But the one that stood out mostly for me was the one about the teenager accepting salvation and joining choir on the same day!!!! God is Amazing!!!! God is working in mighty ways! Good job today leading as always! Our church wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the great men of God on our team! Thank you!

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