Sunday Night Trance

Yesterday was a great day at Suncoast Baptist Church. It is Monday already, and I am out of my “trance” from the busy day, but I want to write about it anyway! Here are some of my thoughts about the day. 

  • Today we wrapped up our Stewardship series that has been going on all throughout the month of November.
  • Great message about Tithing in the morning service! Wow! It was convicting even to the faithful tithers! How much more could we do?
  • Do you want to be blessed or do you want to be cursed?
  • If I gave you money so that you could take care of my Bride while I was away, and you did not take care of my Bride while I was gone… Let’s just say: You’re in big trouble mister!! So take care of Jesus’ Bride, THE CHURCH!
  •  Great  Evening Service! Pastor Chip hit a home run with that message! It was dynamic! Pastor preached about Esau and Jacob.
  • Esau gave up his birthright, for a temporary passion. What great things are you giving up for your own fleshly passions?
  • Far to often we am tempted to give up all of the great plans that God has for us, our families, and our church by satisfying my flesh with some sinful desire.  Let’s not make the same poor choice that Esau made!
  • I was priveleged to play the drums tonight with the Praise Team! I LOVED IT! I have not played in several years so it may not have been pretty but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • While sitting in a different seat tonight, (at the drums) I noticed things that I did not normally see. I want to look for more ways to see different perspectives about our church and our services, both the good and the bad. It is far to easy to get lost in doing the same thing you have always done before whether it is right or wrong.
  • Have a great week!

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