Random Thoughts

It has been too long since I have posted anything on here, today this will change.

I have so many thoughts that I want to share, but not enough time to address everything: Here is what I can share:

  • I Love My Little Boy!

Will and Daddy were playing in the back yard and Daddy took his eyes off of Will for just a second and Will burned his hands pretty bad! It is heart breaking! I just cannot explain how sad it was! I thought over and over again, how I wish that I had been the one that got burned, This poor little guy had no clue what happened to him other than the fact that something was very very hot! But God has used the accident to share alot of things with me! Also, some very powerful illustrations! Wow! If you were there Sunday Night, then you know exactly what I am talking about!

Will walks around the house talking about his: “Hot Boo Boo’s”. He is not in anymore pain, in fact he loves to be bandaged up because he gets so much attention and you know how much Will loves attention! I must admit, I love giving it to him!

Will walks around the house and calls me “Babe” now because he hears Katie call me that often. And Yesterday Katie told me that Will was watching Sesame Street and when Elmo was sad because he didnt have any friends to play with, Will started sobbing like crazy, She said that it was just adorable to see him have so much compassion for someone else that was hurting… (even if it was a little red monster) 🙂

I love that boy so much! I also love Katie so much! She does such a great job taking care of us boys!! 

  • Men’s Reading Group

Today we met at 6:00am at Panera Bread to fellowship and discuss our book that we are reading together. Wow! What an incredible book it is! “Good to Great in God’s Eyes”.  Today we talked about “Pursue Great People” and I just had to reflect on what God has done over the last month. I have dreamed about meeting with Godly men and studying and growing together and that has come to fruition. Today there were 10 men at our Book Study… (Well, 9 men + one man at home on video conference through skype)

It was so encouraging to spend time together! God is really going to do something great through all of these men and the fellowship that we share each week! It was great to have 3 new guys join us today for the first time! God has blessed this vision and I am so thankful for it!

  • Summer Camp

We are going to the Wilds this summer and I have been a little stressed because all methods of Transportation that we have used in the past are unavailable. But today I dialed a wrong number and God connected me with one person who connected me to another person, who connected me to a better deal than ever on our Camp Transportation! Wow! God is sooooo Great! 

  • Well, there is alot more to share, but I do not want to bore you with many more details! I will be more consistent over the next few weeks! Thanks for reading!


  • BTW: THE OLYMPICS HAVE BEEN AWESOME!!! I have really enjoyed watching the olympics this year!! It has been thoroughly enjoyable!

See Ya!


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