A New Day… and I am excited about it!

This month at Suncoast Youth Group we have been looking at the most disturbing stories in the Bible. It has been a blast! In fact, i think it has been my favorite series that we have ever done! We have looked at the two she bears that killed 42 children for calling Elisha bald. Moral of the story: Don’t call a man of God bald! This past week we studied the principle of Sowing and Reaping and we looked at “the Fat King and his Feces.” Well, we didn’t really look at his feces… Ok, Nevermind. But seriously, my desire for an exciting series like this was to peek the interest of our teenagers into the Word of God. Praise the Lord, it has worked. Far too often, when a teenager, (or many adults for that matter) starts reading the Bible in Numbers, or Revelation and they get bogged down and sometimes even Bored with what they are reading because they cannot find the application. Then we label the whole Bible as “Boring” when that is the farthest thing from the truth. I have told my teenagers that it would be like going to Disney World and standing in lost and found all day and then leaving saying that Disney is boring! That would sound rediculous! It is boring because you were in the wrong place. Now, let me be clear, every word in scripture is inspired by God, and very important, but Andy Stanley says: “Every word of God is equally Inspired, but every word is not equally applicable.”

The word of God is incredible, so lets find the most applicable portions to the lives of teenagers and lets read, study, meditate, and apply it to our lives. The geneologies are incredibly important, but maybe they will mean more after we hit John, Romans, Acts, and so on… Does that make sense?

Well, The day has come and today is the beginning of the new www.doyourdevotions.com

I am excited because several teenagers have come to me asking me to start it up again! I am thrilled to study the word of God with our teenagers, and see how it impacts our lives.



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