Guatemala Here I Come!!!… Maybe

Katie and I layed in bed last night talking about where we would go in the world if we could go visit anywhere… I told her that I would love to take her to Guatemala to see the things that I saw during our Missions Trip last June. As we talked about it we decided to seriuously pursue a trip sometime in the next few months. Right now we are in contact with our favorite Guatemalan Missionary: Mindy and Jerry Kinman. We also spent a little bit of time looking at the prices, and it is very encouraging to see how cheap the prices are on Spirit Airlines right now. We can get $37.00 flights from Fort Lauderdale to Guatemala City, and $37.00 flights back!! Sounds pretty great huh!

Pray with me that we are able to make it happen. I have been so excited about the thought of going back all day long today! It is an amazing mission field! I would love to go back!

This volcano is Volcano Pacaya, the volcano that we climbed while on our trip, it was one of the coolest things I have ever been apart of!

Watch a video of falling lava boulders that almost killed a dog… I got it on tape!! 🙂 CLICK HERE!


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