Holding on for dear life!

Last week I was at a Youth Conference in Jacksonville, FL. It was a great conference that helped me realize that our youth ministry is riding a wave right now. In the ministry it is wise to remind yourself of the waves or seasons that come and go. Right now we are at the beginning of a wave and we are holding on for dear life! Tonight we had an incredible night at Suncoast Youth Group.

Tonight we knew that several of our teenagers would be out of the service because of a school activity. But we planned on introducing the next series and having a party anyway. As teenagers showed up, we realized that it was not going to be a low night, praise the Lord. We had about 10 regulars miss our service tonight and we still had 40 teens in our service. Do you inderstand that? We have a record high attendance on Wednesday nights of 44, and tonight we had 40 while missing 10 of our extremely faithful teens!

God is blessing our youth group in great ways right now, and not just in numbers. We had  6 teenagers accept Christ two weeks ago, and we have 5 teenagers going through discipleship right now. What is unbelievable it that we are doing NOTHING DIFFERENT! God is just pouring out his blessings upon our youth group! And I am stoked to be a part of it!

I cannot think of a more exciting time in our Youth Group. And I am praising God that He has allowed me to be a prat of this wave. I am just holding on for dear life, and I pray that this wave last for a long time. I know that the fruit that we will see from this Youth Ministry will last for eternity!!

Pray for our youth ministry! Pray that God will continue to pour out his blessings upon our teenagers! And THANK GOD FOR CHOOSING TO BLESS US!

It is exciting!! (So why is it still so hard to find adult workers who are willing to be a part of such an incredible and rewarding ministry.)


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