Complete Surrender

Last Sunday night I had the privilege of speaking to the church during the service where we honored our High School seniors. It was such an exciting service and it was such a rewarding night.

Any successful company has an annual review where they check their investments, and their profits, among many other things. Every year when we honor our seniors, it is like our annual review for Suncoast Youth Group.

And by Gods Grace we had a successful annual review. Our service began by recognizing our graduates and having them come up on stage while I got to have a time of mild roasting, but mainly bragging on each individual teenager.

It was such a privilege to go from teenager to teenager sharing the blessing that they have been to my life personally, and the blessing that they have been to the ministry of Suncoast Baptist Church.

After that there were two sisters that wanted to get up and share a testimony about their brothers. It was definitely the most impacting and emotional moment of the night. Those girls were really great! Go Jessica and Melissa!!

After the testimonies, we took about 15 minutes and watched a senior video that showed the seniors from birth all the way up. After the video I got to preach.

I took almost the entire service and shared my own testimony. I like many seniors had no clue what I was going to do with my life as I walked across the platform to receive my diploma. It was not until the summer after I graduated that God did the greatest work in my life ever.

God challenged me with COMPLETE SURRENDER. God wanted my whole heart, and my complete trust! God wanted everything! As we studied the life of Joseph, I came to the point where I agreed with Joseph and told God:

“God, I don’t care if I have to spend the rest of my life in Jail, I would rather live in Jail with your presence upon my life, than to continue living this life the way it is, without your presence in my life.”

At that point I determined that I did not care who God wanted me to apologize to, I did not care who God wanted me to witness to, I did not care where God wanted me to go, ALL I KNEW is that whatever God said, I wanted to do it.

That was a pivotal summer in my life, and I would not be where I am today had God not challenged me like He did, and had I not responded the way that I did, by God’s grace!

I look back to a bench at the Wilds where I took care of business. A Bench that I could take you to today, and that is the place that I had felt God in an incredibly real way, more than ever before!

I am so excited because one week from right now, I will be pulling up to the Wilds, where God did that work within my heart. And I will go down to that bench and thank the Lord for choosing me, and using me! And I will beg him to do the same thing in the lives of the teenager that He has blessed me to influence.

Pray for our teenagers next week! I believe that God is waiting to do unfathomable things!


2 thoughts on “Complete Surrender

  1. Complete Surrender – God proves Himself worthy and does so much better with our lives than we ever could imagine…

    and yet at times – it is so hard to relinquish all “my rights” and be completely surrendered… boils down to selfishness and pride.

    So thankful for the memories God allows me to vividly place myself right back at the bench. Glorious Peace. I love you, Lee – HALLELUJAH! A Treasured Memorial of VICTORY.

    I pray daily by individual names for the campers, chaperones, and “Will – Watchers,” knowing God is doing and will do AMAZING THINGS.

    Prove Me NOW, saith the Lord of Hosts! Malachi 3.

    My Heart is with you all as you go – craving amazing Detailed Testimonies when you return.

  2. WOW! I was at the service you mentioned in this blog and hearing it second time I got goose bumps again! God is working in our teenagers and I will pray for them this week! You can count on it! It is a priviledge to worship at Suncoast Baptist Church and be surronded by so many great God fearing people!

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