I Hate Monotony!

I Hate Monotony. I hate it when life gets so routine that the weeks and months fly by, and instead of achieving goals and reaching for the stars we find ourselves sitting around wasting time.

Monotony is a straight line. Christ tells us in the Gospel of John that He came so that we will have “life more abundant”. I don’t know about you, but I do not visualize “life more abundant” as a straight line. What are we missing? How do we allow life to get so boring, when Jesus said that He has come to bring life, and life more abundant?

Here are some things that I think causes our life to fill up with a straight line, instead of filling up with abundance.

1. I think our lives get monotonous when we get too busy to think.

Sometimes it is so important to get away. We must set aside time to go somewhere alone, and allow our mind to challenge the status quo. We must reflect on where we are and where we want to go. We must reflect on the things that are most important to us.

When I am speeding down the interstate at 120 mph (not that I would know), it is not easy to have a time of reflection, or an important conversation. If I am going to focus on meaningful conversation or reflection, I must SLOW DOWN.

2. I think our lives get monotonous when we are not serving others.

It is far to easy and normal to live every day looking for ways to serve ourselves. The trouble with being passionate about serving ourselves, is that it never really brings the joy that it promises. When I am constantly trying to entertain myself, I soon realize that IT DOES NOT MAKE ME HAPPY. What?? I thought whenever, I want something, and then I get it, I am supposed to be content. Tried it lately? It does not work. Life gets boring when we are constantly trying to please ourselves and we quickly find that we cannot be satisfied. Only when we follow the example of Christ and serve others do we find that genuine peace and fulfillment. Now let me be clear, I have in no way mastered this, many days, I still wake up trying to please myself, (just in case it works this time…but so far, no success) but I only find real joy when I serve others.

3. I think that life gets monotonous when we stop focusing on all that we have and instead focus on what we do not have.

Have you ever watched the wealth channel? It is so neat to watch a show about those amazing Yachts and dream about one day cruising the world on your very own private yacht. The fact is that when I see  all of those cool things on TV, it makes me think less of what I already have. As a result, I begin to look at my nice home, cool tv, and paid off car and think: “Man, I don’t have ANYTHING like that!! My life is SOOOO BORING!!!”

That is what Satan wants. If I am displeased with everything that I have I am more vulnerable to fall into some kind of sin. When I am too busy to spend time with God, when I am too self-centered to serve others, and when I am  too distracted by what I dont have instead of thanking God for what I do have, I then enter dangerous territory, where many Christians, and many families have fallen by the wayside.

Don’t live your life in motonony, instead, slow down, serve others, and thank God for what you have, and you will be on the right track towards an abundant life.


One thought on “I Hate Monotony!

  1. Pastor Lee I just saw this link on the side of the doyourdevotions page and remembered to read it, and it’s AWESOME!!!
    Definitely an eye-opener!

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