Free Fuel!

I read a great book about a year ago called: “Creating Magic” by Lee Cockerell

One of the points that jumped out the most to me as I read this book was a major point called Free Fuel. As I read this, we had just come out of a gas price hike, and those beautiful words: “Free Fuel” were sure to catch anyones attention.

The great thing is, there is no catch here, just a genuine truth, a flawless principle, that you can use today to get free fuel. Wondering what it is? Here you go: “Encouragement”

Can you remember a time when you were younger, and your Mom or Dad asked you to do something, like wash the floors or wash the car, or go pull weeds or something like that? Well, I sure do. I remember working decently. I would scrub for a while, I would pull a weed or two, and so on. But if my Mom or my Dad walked in the room and said, “Wow! Lee, you are really doing a great job” I was rejuvenated. I worked harder, I worked better, I was passionate about what I was doing and all they did is throw a little encouragement my way.

It doesn’t matter if someone hates what they are doing, if they are encouraged, they will try a little bit harder, they will go on a little bit longer, and more often than not, they will do a little bit better. Who is discouraged in your life? Why don’t you test out this theory? Why don’t you use some free fuel.

By the way: let me explain the “free fuel” line incase you did not catch it yet. Encouragement is a fuel, a source of energy that costs nothing. It will cost you nothing to lift someone up, it will cost you nothing to encourage your team, your family, our spouse, but you will definitely reap bountifully by spreading around some encouragement.

Who can you encourage today?


2 thoughts on “Free Fuel!

  1. :o) Hi Lee – Just wanted you to know that I love reading your blogs and this one just hit the spot completely! Thanks for reminding me to be encouraging… Love you tons! Yo Momma

  2. You are so right! An encouraging word to my children always brings a smile and a willingness to do more because they know I am pleased with them! (It evens works with our new puppy!)Thanks for reminding me to be more of an encourager to them, my husband and anyone I come in contact with! God bless You!

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