Christmas Day Observations

Merry Christmas! Today has been a wonderful day!
It has been such a joy to spend the day with family. Here are some things that I have observed today:

1. I am spoiled.

My family absolutely spoils me at Christmas! I have been given so much! There is nothing in the world that I want that I do not have. This Christmas I got the coolest gadget, on which I am typing this post. I got an amazing tervis tumbler cup from the in-laws, and so many special gifts from Katie! Katie got me a Tebow Jersey, several new clothes including a new suit, an amazing new tooth brush, and several great gifts of the heart! I am so blessed. And so thankful!

2. Will is spoiled.

Will’s Favorite Gift was also his cheapest gift. He got everything from a new DVD player to a radio, to a mobiGo children’s gameboy type gadget. These costs a lot of money and we are very thankful for family who bless our children with gifts that we could never afford. But the most interesting thing is the gift that Katie got for Will. Katie found a cool card board box gift that sets up to be a house. It costs about $10.00 and he has been playing all day. We have set up his DVD player inside with a small couch and he does not want to leave it at all. It is neat to see how passionate he is about owning his own little house. I love watching him play.

3. Little Avery is just like her Mommy.

Katie and Avery are the two most beautiful women I know. Katie’s favorite thing to do on a holiday is to enjoy a nice long nap. Avery is the same way. This girl loves to sleep. She is asleep right now and only wakes up when it is time to eat. I am thankful that Katie is able to get some MUCH NEEDED REST today! She deserves it!!

4. Consequences last so much longer than you first think.

It is such a joy to spend time with family during the holidays. I remember most holidays growing up. I remember doing things like playing football out in the front yard with the whole family. I remember renting a chalet up in the mountains and playing pool with the family all day. I remember all of the delicious traditional foods that we would share each year. Growing up, there were so many wonderful memoriess together. But in many ways, things have changed. Holidays are still wonderful in many ways, but I have to wonder if they would be even more wonderful if my childhood family were together like old times. When decisions were made that led to the separation of my childhood family, I am pretty sure that the consequences were not completely weighed out. I am sure that no one realized that the decisions that were being made would make every holiday for the rest of the family for years to come seem a little less magical. It is not something that I dwell on, just something that I thought of this morning. One series of bad choices by one person led to the dampening of many spirits for a long time to come. I know that the dreams and memories of what could have been will fade, and I know that in each holiday season to come we are forming new magical moments with my family, and I will use this lesson to remember that the choices I make will affect the lives of many other people for years to come. Lord, help me to make wise decisions that glorify you and protect the people I love the most!

I am so excited about the future of my family, I can’t wait to see how God uses us!


7 thoughts on “Christmas Day Observations

  1. Lee, Wow! Your blog was powerful and made me smile and cry!
    It is a sobering thought about how our personal decisions can and
    will affect the people we love the most! On the other hand, you can
    feel you gave everything you had and those magical days still seem
    to be just a memory! You are already wiser than most to realize
    these truths! You are an amazing dad and husband and I pray you
    will make wise decisions as you raise your family! I pray that you
    children, Will and Avery, will come to know Christ at a young age
    and will respect you and katie as their parents and authority. Hug
    them a little tighter tonight because Christmases are full of extra
    joy when your children are young! Thanks for your thoughts! By the
    way, this would be a GREAT sermon!! Merry Christmas, Sarah

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!! It’s true, when
    decisions are made, people usually do not think about the
    consequences. We all have so much to be thankful for and hopefully
    your post will lead others to stop and reflect as well. Merry

  3. I, too, am spoiled. I read and am now responding to your post on a similar device!

    I also understand what you’re talking about when it comes to consequences. You always reap what you sow, more than you sow and later than you sow. Many times we reap an unintended harvest. Your sowing well my friend. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. Pastor Lee:

    GREAT to read about the great day with family and the humble reflections that you had today! You do have a special family and I am glad that this blog post of yours will serve as a written reminder for you and for others who regularly read your posts and who look through the archives.

    The “weight” of our daily choices are so incredible it is scary when we really think about it. It is indeed a part of the spiritual battle that we are involved in every second of every day. I pray that you continue to make wise GOD DRIVEN decisions for you, your family, and the teen ministry at SBC.

  5. I enjoyed reading about the joy of being a spoiled dad.
     You are truly blessed. A godly wife, loving children and true
    friends are your greatest earthly treasures.  As you watch
    your family grow, you are discovering the ‘center-shift’ that
    naturally occurs for parents, and how the childhood magic, which is
    a God ordained miracle, is not diminished, but is shifted to the
    center of your own household. You know this because you’ve just
    experienced it in that little cardboard house, through the eyes of
    Will and in the sparkling eyes of little Avery and the loving looks
    from Katie. Lee, my parents were separated by sin, not by divorce,
    but by cancer (just another manifestation of sin).   When my
    mother went to be with the Lord 27 years ago, the spiritual center
    of my childhood family died with her. I look back and wish she
    could still be here today to see how beautiful her lovely
    granddaughter’s son and daughter are and how wonderful all my kids
    are. I know she would have been amazed by you too.  I think
    she can see them, but they missed out on the experience of knowing
    her as one of the most loving and compassionate women God has ever
    blessed this earth with. When my ‘parents’ became ‘my dad, alone’,
    I had a wife and a beautiful daughter, Azure who was then only 4
    months old.  For many years I tried to pull my brother and
    sister and their families together to keep alive the magic of those
    childhood memories.  Those Christmas seasons always lacked my
    mothers presence, but when I reflect on them now, those memories
    are every bit as wonderful and amazing as my childhood
    remembrances.  What I am discovering is that change is not
    bad, it is just different, and whether it is caused by one man’s
    bad decisions or by illness and death, it is all part of God’s
    amazing plan to continually shape and stretch us.   It seems
    to me that often times the warm and happy memories will polish us
    gently and sweetly, but  often God uses the harsh effects of
    sin’s abrasion to carve out the large changes He wants for us.
     Their impact is more radical, and we are sometimes broken for
    a season, but through painful change, we are often changed in much
    greater ways for His glory….ways of change that often result life
    course corrections…changes that bring future miracles of growth.
      What amazes me is these painful changes are every bit
    as much God ordained as the warm and happy experiences.  My
    mother’s death, your father’s mistakes…they all result in God’s
    will being carried out in a foreordained fashion.   Romans
    8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them
    that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
      I used to think this passage meant God took the bad random
    things and turned them into good, but I now see bad and good as are
    our own temporal labels and really there is no bad and no good,
    only God… that is, for those who are His called, (as we are when
    we are in His purposes).  I am not saying sin is good or does
    not hurt, but we who are called are greater than sin’s destructive
    effects. You see, I really miss my mom, but her passing amazing
    faith shaped me and my understanding of steadfastness in a greater
    way than anything else could have, God knew that…and He blessed
    me with that growth. You will miss your mom immediate presence when
    she moves, but know this…There is absolutely a God ordained
    reason in this… and this change is not caused by the sinful
    decisions of your dad, but is foreordained by God.  You are a
    good man and… Ps 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the
    LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Your family center has shifted,
    Katie is the ‘mom’ in your life now, (you already know this), so
    delight in His ways and in the many blessings you have written
    about, as we clearly see you already are.  God bless your
    beautiful family…. … and try to see the blessing in the fact
    that you can still speak with your mom anytime.    More
    times than I can remember, I have wished that I could speak with my
    mom, but can not…. …and trust me, I know what a great blessing
    that is to speak with Rachel, I speak with her every chance I
    get…and that’s A LOT, (just ask Verison). There are many blessing
    to come from these changes, and the Lord knows how much your mom
    deserves some.  Please pray that I can offer her many and she
    can help in healing me. I am truly blessed to know you Lee… you,
    Katie, your kids, Steve, Amanda and the boys are all a wonderful
    new part of my Romans 8:28 life.  Praise God for His never
    failing omniscience.

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