Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! Today has been a wonderful day!
It has been such a joy to spend the day with family. Here are some things that I have observed today:

1. I am spoiled.

My family absolutely spoils me at Christmas! I have been given so much! There is nothing in the world that I want that I do not have. This Christmas I got the coolest gadget, on which I am typing this post. I got an amazing tervis tumbler cup from the in-laws, and so many special gifts from Katie! Katie got me a Tebow Jersey, several new clothes including a new suit, an amazing new tooth brush, and several great gifts of the heart! I am so blessed. And so thankful!

2. Will is spoiled.

Will’s Favorite Gift was also his cheapest gift. He got everything from a new DVD player to a radio, to a mobiGo children’s gameboy type gadget. These costs a lot of money and we are very thankful for family who bless our children with gifts that we could never afford. But the most interesting thing is the gift that Katie got for Will. Katie found a cool card board box gift that sets up to be a house. It costs about $10.00 and he has been playing all day. We have set up his DVD player inside with a small couch and he does not want to leave it at all. It is neat to see how passionate he is about owning his own little house. I love watching him play.

3. Little Avery is just like her Mommy.

Katie and Avery are the two most beautiful women I know. Katie’s favorite thing to do on a holiday is to enjoy a nice long nap. Avery is the same way. This girl loves to sleep. She is asleep right now and only wakes up when it is time to eat. I am thankful that Katie is able to get some MUCH NEEDED REST today! She deserves it!!

4. Consequences last so much longer than you first think.

It is such a joy to spend time with family during the holidays. I remember most holidays growing up. I remember doing things like playing football out in the front yard with the whole family. I remember renting a chalet up in the mountains and playing pool with the family all day. I remember all of the delicious traditional foods that we would share each year. Growing up, there were so many wonderful memoriess together. But in many ways, things have changed. Holidays are still wonderful in many ways, but I have to wonder if they would be even more wonderful if my childhood family were together like old times. When decisions were made that led to the separation of my childhood family, I am pretty sure that the consequences were not completely weighed out. I am sure that no one realized that the decisions that were being made would make every holiday for the rest of the family for years to come seem a little less magical. It is not something that I dwell on, just something that I thought of this morning. One series of bad choices by one person led to the dampening of many spirits for a long time to come. I know that the dreams and memories of what could have been will fade, and I know that in each holiday season to come we are forming new magical moments with my family, and I will use this lesson to remember that the choices I make will affect the lives of many other people for years to come. Lord, help me to make wise decisions that glorify you and protect the people I love the most!

I am so excited about the future of my family, I can’t wait to see how God uses us!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. Oh, Lee…. Thank You. This speaks real truth… Consequences… they can be so horrible… so we will trust God… All things work for our good and HIS GLORY. Even the ones that hurt forever… I am forever proud of You – and will pray for You as long as I live… Life is hard – but we have the power in Jesus Christ to live victoriously. I am so honored to be Your Mom. I’m sorry for our lost dreams…

  2. Hope you had an awesome Christmas, Pastor Lee 🙂 It sure
    sounds like it. I understand your last point. Even now, it feels
    very odd to have half my family here and the other half in GA. But,
    learning from it is a good idea. And definitely makes it seem
    brighter in a way. All the things I hope to one day do with the
    family God gives me… I intend to make them memorable and as happy
    as possible 🙂 Also, your family is awesome! I love you guys!
    Merry Christmas!

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