A Walk Through The Bible… PART 1

I have often been bothered by Sunday School. In my experience growing up, there were many different churches that I was a part of, both big and small, where the Sunday School program was simply a mini church service before the real church service. Frankly, I never understood the purpose of it. I did not appreciate getting up extra early to attend a lower quality and less organized mini church service where we sing, take an offering, go over announcements, and listen to a message, before the “real” main service where we did the same thing again. In fact, as I try to remember the lessons that I learned in Sunday School growing up, I realized that a lot of time was wasted.

In my opinion, Sunday School should exist for one main reason: DISCIPLESHIP

Sunday School should be a time and a place to LEARN about Gods word. Not necessarily to be preached to, the pastor is already going to take care of that, but it is an opportunity to teach our Biblically illiterate world about the Bible. Hence the name: Sunday School.

At Suncoast Youth Group we take this seriously, in fact, we are methodically walking through every book of the Bible memorizing a concise summary about each book. Each Sunday morning we fellowship for a bit, and then we go through the books of the Bible. Many have asked about our list of books and the summaries we have chosen. I have basically read John Phillips commentary and chosen something very similar to his summary. I would never claim that these are comprehensive summaries, but they are definitely more thorough than most people in our church would know. Most of our teenagers are learning more about Gods word each Sunday than I knew even after four years of Bible College, and we do it in a relevant, fun, and exciting method of learning. I am so proud of our teenagers, and I am thankful that they are so diligently learning about God’s word!


Genesis: Creation, Fall, Flood, Babel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph

Exodus: Getting God’s people out of Egypt

Leviticus: Getting Egypt out of God’s people

Numbers: Census, Complaining, Change

Deuteronomy: Moses Preaches: Backwards look, Inwards look, Forward look, Upward look

Joshua: Authority Change, Battle, Conquer, Divide

Judges: Judges

Ruth: Kinsman Redeemer / a Romance between Ruth and Boaz

1st & 2nd Samuel: Eli, Samuel, GIVE US A KING, Saul, David

1st & 2nd Kings: One nation divided into Israel (North) / Judah (South)

1st & 2nd Chronicles: A Parallel to I and II Kings but from Gods perspective

Ezra: The Second Exodus

Nehemiah: Gods people build a wall

Esther: Esther, Mordecai, Haman, Gallows

Job: He Had it all, Lost it all, Gave God the Glory, Got it all back

Psalms: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Proverbs: Practical Wisdom for all ages, comparing the wise and the foolish

Ecclesiastes: vanity of vanities: All is vanity / He had it all, and it was not worth it.

The greatest thing about this study, is that the teenagers did not just memorize a list of information, but they use the list of information to explain the story of the entire book in their own words. I tell our teenagers that they know more about the Bible than their parents do. Is that the case in your home? Get studying Gods word! Sunday School teachers? Let’s not waste time!


7 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Bible… PART 1

  1. Lee, I could not agree with you more – well said!

    I have to say for me, growing up going to Sunday School it was definitely all about discipleship at the church I went to. I actually find it harder being an adult to find solid discipleship teaching in Sunday School classes now.

    I have been saying to myself for months now that I want to be in your Sunday School class because your passion for discipleship is so profoundly inviting. The teens at SBC are incredibly blessed to have God work through you to provide them sound teachings.

    1. Nicci,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach these teens about Gods word in a way that was never done for me! It is a blast!

      Thanks again!

  2. Pastor Lee,
    I couldn’t agree with Nicci more. Our teens our very blessed to have you as their teacher!! The passion you show for these kids says alot.
    I love my kids in my Sunday school class and recently I told them to write a few questions down that they had about God, Jesus, Church, Heaven etc…… (that is why I e-mailed you) and Patrick was wonderful about answering my questions by the way! Alllllllllll moring in Sun. school last week was questions, let me tell you, the Lord didn’t hold my kids back…..it was question after question. I was amazed at the questions they were asking!!
    It was AWESOME!!!!! I feel very blessed to be a part of their learning.
    Thanks again for sahring
    Tammy 🙂

    1. Thanks Mrs. Tammy! I am so glad that you are enjoying your class! You have definitely brought an element of amazing-ness into that class!! Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the list! I will be using it with Rachel – we are starting an overview of all books of the Bible when we finish our current Bible lessons… I’ll let you know when we start! THanks for sharing!

  4. This is so interesting! I am a jr high Sunday school teacher in Canada and I have had the same conviction about Sunday school. This is the second year I am taking kids through the entire 66 books of the Bible in a summary way. I am looking for ideas all the time to make it captivating. I have not been able to find a good curriculum out there yet that does this, so I have been doing a lot of homework and making it up as I go!
    We start off the year with learning about the Bible itself how it came about, how we know that it is true, how it is inspired, and why it matters! Then we launch into Genesis. I am constantly looking for ideas on how to make it relevant and fun if you have any resources you can share or ideas for that matter I would love to hear them!
    Thanks, from a fellow disciple who is in the business of discipleship! 🙂

  5. Are you using any kind of curriculum? I’m part of a small group, and not all of us are on the page on basic bible knowledge.

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