Fresh Thoughts from Sunday

Yesterday was a great day at Suncoast Baptist Church, and here are a few of my fresh thoughts from the day.

Praise Team

I am so thankful for all of the faithful servants involved in the praise team. They practice consistently, and they really add a great dynamic to our worship services. Thanks for all your hard work praise team!

Touching Tomorrow Together

Can you believe that our Touching Tomorrow Together campaign was 5 months ago? That is so hard to believe! It is amazing that we have raised over $70,000.00 since then. I am so excited about paying off our building and beginning the next steps of growth!

Youth Group Sunday School

In Sunday School we summarized the book of Song of Solomon. We decided on the statement: “A love story between Solomon and Shulie (the shulamite woman), to show Gods love for us”


4 Baptisms!!! It is so amazing! I may be biased, but I thought it was amazing that our teen ministry was the main influencer in 3 out of the 4 baptisms! Praise God! I am so glad he is using our youth ministry to accomplish great things!

Youth Band

Last night was a blast! I love leading worship with the teenagers! I have been nervous about some of the teenagers graduating and moving on, but it has been wonderful to see some of the other teens rise up and learn new things so that they can fill in the gap. Great job Jake, Lucy, and Jonathan!!


The missionaries last night were such a blessing! Did you notice that the size of India is 1/4th the size of America? But, the population of America is 1/4th the size of India’s population! What a mission Field! 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE! That just knocked my socks off! I am excited that bro. Winston has the chance to go back to live among his people and share the gospel with them!

Personal Growth

God really spoke to me last night about my comfort zone. I committed to Him again that I am willing to leave and go wherever he will lead me and my family. I would love to serve Him in another country and in another culture! Where he leads, I will follow! 🙂

What are some of your own FRESH THOUGHTS from yesterday?


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