Fresh Thoughts From Sunday


Today was a great day at church! Here are a few of my fresh thoughts from the day:

Sunday School

Today in Sunday School we talked about death and how it has been so close to home lately. In the last month two teenagers have died from North Port High School. The latest trajedy was suicide by a teenager. Several of our teenagers talked with Him on Friday, and by the end of the day, he was in eternity. I have a real passion to use this trajedy to reach NPHS. Pray with me for wisdom on how to do that.


Wow! Today we did two new songs. This morning we sang “Jesus Paid it All, Oh Praise the One…”, and tonight we sang “He is Lord” by Hillsong. It was incredible! I am so thankful for how talented and hard working our praise team is! They are really sounding better and better as time goes on. Thanks Praise Team! Keep up the great work!

Morning Service

Pastor preached a great message this morning about guardrails and four people accepted Christ. It is so cool to see people saved and baptized in our church. Last week four got baptized, this week four more saved! Do you understand how great that is?

The Unsung Heroes

Tonight we had a sound booth workers meeting, and I will tell you what I told those guys: If our churchw as full of servants like them, we would have a completely different church. They work and work and work, and rarely get appreciated and thanked for all of their unnoticed work that would be majorly noticed if they did not do it! Thank you sound booth servants! Seriously! Every Sunday is what it is because of your faithfulness! Thanks so much!

Marriage Conference

We had our meeting this morning for our marriage conference, and I began to realize how amazingly fun this week is going to be! We are going to be staying in the Buena Vista Resort Hotel and Spa, at Downtown Disney, with the guest speaker Jim Binney! We are going to have a wonderful time together! I wish that many more of our core families were coming to this amazing conference, but I am so thankful that we are taking 26 couples! God is going to do great things in a lot of marriages this week!

Thankful for my Wife

Katie had to miss all of our services today to take care of our sick baby girl. Avery has had RSV for the last couple weeks and she is still contagious. I am thankful for a wife who is such a good wife, mom, nurse, and on and on the list goes. I wish that she could have been encouraged with us at church today. I will just have to spoil her this week! 🙂 I love you Katie! Thanks for all that you do!


One thought on “Fresh Thoughts From Sunday

  1. Suicide hits way too close to home for me so it really brought forth the tears when I heard about the young man from NPHS. It is a horrible dark feeling to be on both sides of the spectrum. I will certainly continue to pray for wisdom on your part, on your youth group members’ parts who go to NPHS and their parents who have any kind of interaction with NPHS.

    I am so excited for those going to the Marriage conference! I am praying that God will do some great things in the marriages of those couples that are not going / unable to go too!

    Some great reflections on your day Pastor Lee! I couldn’t agree with you more on your wife, the sound booth crew (old and new) and your Praise Team crew AJ, GM, PL, TB, JM, VN, KM, MG, SC, BJ, JB, CK, JK.

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