5 Outstanding Blogs That You Should Read!

I have read some fantastic blogs recently, and I would love to share them with you. I hope that you check them out and enjoy them as much as I did. Thanks!

Five Great Ministry Resource Websites

This is a great Source for ministry leaders. Matthew shares 5 great resources that have greatly increased my productivity. When I read this blog I was already using the first four, but I have already tried out animoto.com, and I love it! Check out these resources. Mecasually.com

Been Criticized Lately?

Ron Edmondson does not let you down with this series of posts. He posts two different posts on How to respond to criticism correctly and incorrectly. Check them out!

Correct response to criticsm.

Incorrect response to criticism.

Got a Wife?

So this is an incredible and convicting blog reminding men in the ministry how to value their wives. Perry just gives us a few great reminders on the importance of valuing and respecting and understanding our wives. Check it out here!

Favorite Blog This Month

Wow! This blog is amazing! How to make your spouse your best friend! Read it! Live it!

OK, now it is your turn, what have you recently learned that is worth sharing? Post it in the comments below! Thanks!


5 thoughts on “5 Outstanding Blogs That You Should Read!

  1. Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is actually so comic, I liked it. Thanks in support of sharing this. ececggbgegce

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