I am going to HEAVEN… on earth!

I have never experienced the presence of God more in my life that in my time at the Christian Camp, in North Carolina, called the Wilds. Tomorrow I am headed back there, and it is such an exciting experience. I can’t wait to smell the air, float down the creek, swim at the fourth falls, play foosball, watch the games, spend time with my amazing leaders, hang out at the lake, and all those other things. But, more than anything, I cannot wait to talk to God. I cannot wait to have some amazing fellowship with Him talking about the past, talking about the future, talking about His faithfulness. I know God is real, but he is so real at the Wilds that you can hear Him, and see Him work, more clearly than anywhere else I have ever been. Pray for us as we experience the presence and the power of God this week at the Wilds.


5 thoughts on “I am going to HEAVEN… on earth!

  1. What I precious time I know you are going to have! I’m excited for you and praying God reveals even more special blessings to your soul while you are there. – Come back and share – we can’t wait! 🙂

  2. I am excited for everyone going!!! I know there are some teens going that are going to come back and change their household environment if they are truly in tune to God’s Word this week. Looking forward to hearing about your time there when you return. Will be praying daily for you and the chaperones.

  3. Pastor Lee, thank you for your vision, enthusiasm and leadership as you guide our young people into a deeper relationship with their Savior. May God bless you and fill you in this next week. Brother Carl

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