The problem with not blogging…

The problem with not blogging is that so many things happen every day, God speaks in so many different ways, we learn so many new things, and as time goes by, if we have not logged those things down somewhere, then we often lose them. As I am typing up this post, I am disappointed that there have been so many amazing things happen over the last month, and I can only remember a few things off the top of my head. Well, I will share what I have, and then I will be more consistent in blogging!

Back from Summer Camp

As you have already read, we got back from the Wilds a little over a month ago. It was an amazing week! We took around 50 teenagers. Of which 5 accepted Christ, and 10 surrendered to full-time service. Specifically, 5 of those 10 surrendered their lives to missions. God did a wonderful work! It was so exciting to see!! We have been back a month, and although we have seen some people drift back into the world as fast as they went down the super slide at the Wilds, we have seen others that have taken steps foward in their walk with Christ. I think of Melissa Lingruen who just told me last night that she was sending in an application to Trinity Baptist College, so that she could go there and pursue missions training. God is working, and I am so excited to be a part of it.

Speaking of God working, over the last 4 sundays, we have baptized teenagers on 3 of those Sundays. Then we also had a back to school all nighter this past Friday night, and 12 teenagers accepted Christ. It was remarkable. We are so excited about contuing with that momentum and building up this minitry, there are so many teenagers at NPHS, and at PCHS, not to mention Venice and Charlotte, and there is so much potential to reach those teenagers with Christ.

School Work:

I just finished my last class called “Spiritual Formation”. It is wild because in all of Bible college I never heard anything about spiritual formation, and it has been such an important part of church history and even more importantly it is the inward spiritual growth of a believer. Spiritual formation focuses on things like spiritual disciplines, which also has been often ignored by the church, or at least the Baptist church, and I learned that spiritual disicplines are the disciplines that make prayer and reading Gods word even more effective. Disciplines like Solitude, Silence, Study, Meditation, Confession, and several more. These are disicplines that I want to study more, and grow in so that I can teach them to the people who are striving to grow around me. It is disappointing that I had not been taught this before.

Personal Spiritual Growth:

This week I have read Acts several times, just searching for new things. Wow! I have learned so much. One of the biggest things that I have walked away with is that a teacher has the potential to really destroy or build up someone. I had a teacher that taught me Acts in college, and literally I do not think that anyone could have made the book more boring. Seriously, they took one of the most exciting books in the Bible, and made it boring, and because of that, I have spent minimal time with Acts over the last 5 years. Just recently I decided that I would go back and study it, and I have been so blown away by the power and the energy and excitement of this book. I cannot believe that someone actually could possibly make this amazing book BORING! Well, as we preach and teach the Gospel, and the truth of Gods word, we must MAKE SURE that we are not making the Bible BORING. We cannot afford to turn students away from God and his word, even for 5 years. Many are turned off more than that. I am excited about reading Acts and teaching from it very soon!


I have been struggling to get teenagers back on I am not sure why, but I am working on it. I know that it is going to take some new creativity and some hard work, but I am not giving up. This is my passion, to get teenagers into Gods word!


Katie is wonderful, she does such a great job with our kids. Just this morning as I was leaving the house to come up to the church she was sitting at the kitchen table with Will teaching him the letters of the Alphabet. It was pretty neat. I know that it must take Oceans of Patience to teach Will the letters of the Alphabet.


Well, I finally got an invite to Google+, and now I have joined it and I LOVE IT! I really do. I do not know how successfull it will be in getting people away from facebook to google+, but I hope that they are. It is so nice having everything I could possibly want in one place. Everything from my evernote, to my to do list, to my dropbox, and my google calendar all on the same page as my social media! It is so good that it is almost scary!! 🙂

Well, because of my inconsitent blogging, today is a very abnormal RANDOM RANDOM post about what is going on in my life. I have left out several things, but that is my punishment for not being faithful. I will share some great blogs that I have read soon. Thanks for looking at my blog.

Pray for me in these areas if you will! Thanks! Also, comment any ways that I can specifically pray for you and your family!

Pray for my family

Pray for Suncoast Baptist Church

Pray for Suncoast Youth Ministry

Pray for Atomic Bonds

Pray for my Leadership

Pray that we will have more people involved in Praise Team

Pray for the future

Pray that I will maintain healthy balance with school, work, ministry and family

God Bless!



5 thoughts on “The problem with not blogging…

  1. Pastor Lee…thank you for picking back up your blog! I loved having an insight to what is going on behind what we see on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s…I will pray for all the things that you asked, I ask that you pray for me to get bitterness out of my heart, for guidance for me and my Family and for me to be a better witness to those around me….Love you Pastor Lee and I am so thankful that God has brought me to Suncoast Baptist Church!

    1. Cathy! Thanks for your prayers! I am so thankful that you are on my team!! You are a wonderful servant of Christ! I’ll be praying about the stinky bitterness. It is dangerous stuff! Love you and thanks for commenting!!

  2. I LOVE reading your heart! I’m so proud of you and your family – we pray for y’all every day and are trusting God with all your concerns as well as PRAISING HIM for each of your blessings! 🙂

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