Feel Like You’re Drowning in Responsibility? Here’s Why!

I had a conversation with someone recently and they told me that they felt like they were drowning in everything that they had to do. They pointed out that they were not being lazy, but they just never felt like they were getting things done or moving forward. With my current work situation I constantly feel swamped between different projects, deadlines, and responsibilities. I totally understand this feeling, and I have learned three things about myself when I am feeling like I am drowning. I will share those three things with you, I am sure there are more things, and you can feel free to add them in the comments below, but for me, these are the three most common reasons why I become overwhelmed in the sea of responsibilities that I have.

I Have Been Lazy

I know that is exactly what people do not want to be associated with, especially when it comes to work and responsibilities. Trust me, I am NOT saying that YOU have been lazy, I am saying that I have been lazy. Sometimes when I am feeling like I am drowning, it is simply because I have not been doing what needs to be done. I know you would never be lazy, but lets just pretend that you were, once. When we are lazy, it is easy to get discouraged about the piles of responsibility that continue to add up while we are not doing anything. For me, when I am getting overwhelmed there is a chance that I have been lazy.

I Have Wrong Priorities

Ok, so that first one was tough, but this one is equally destructive. Often times we are very busy doing things that done matter, and overlooking, or simply closing our eyes to the more important things that need to get done. When my priorities are wrong, I find myself distracted by things that don’t matter, and this means that the things that do matter continue to get neglected. Just this morning, I looked at my task list and realized that very likely all of the things that I need to accomplish today will not be finished, so I quickly prioritized everything so that the most important things are not dropped. It takes just a few minutes, but it keeps my head above the water.

I Am Not Organized

So, this is the last one, even when I am not Lazy, and when I know what is most important, sometimes I do not get the most important task done. Why? I have no clue what it is, or where it is, or why I need to do it in the first place. My wife just repeated to me a quote this week that we heard way back in college: “Organize or Agonize”. If I feel like my life and responsibilities are out of control then it is likely because I am not organized. When I take the time each week and each day to read through my projects, tasks, and next steps, I feel so much better about everything. Take the time to collect everything you are responsible for and then organize it into smaller steps, put those steps on a task list or a calendar and then get to work.

If you are like me and you sometimes find yourself struggling to stay above the water line, then do some honest searching and determine if one of these three things in your life may be the reason. Thanks for reading, share your reasons below!


6 thoughts on “Feel Like You’re Drowning in Responsibility? Here’s Why!

  1. Good stuff Lee! I can agree and relate to all of your above and would like to add one for me (and I am sure many)…..

    ** I say “Yes” to too many things!
    I over-commit my already jam packed self to even more “fun and/or noble-worthy” things and this always makes me feel like I am drowning in {self-induced} responsibility.

    1. Nicci!!!!! I miss you so much!! Thanks for reading and commenting! Saying yes too much is huge!!!! I just got a new book that I am reading about that called: Essentialism. It is really good so far!

      1. Miss you too, Lee!!! I will check out that book!

        I was on the book launch team for The Best Yes by Lysa T. last year and I am currently doing it in a Bible Study with some ladies at church. I still struggle to find that focused and intentional balance though with my responsibilities (due to all 3 points above and my added 4th point). I am really trying to grasp the fact that growing spiritually includes saying no to things that sound “right up my ally”. Lysa has this flow chart that I am starting to use that I pray will be a tool to help me make sure I stay focused and organized in a manner that is pleasing to God and not to Nicci 😉

    2. Well, with skills like yours Nicci, everything is “right up your ally”. We just had a new woman hired at the mission office and she reminds me so much of you. She is always thinking ahead and keeps me on my toes! I love having people like that around me!

      1. Just a tad bit envious that she gets to work with you and gets to be in proximity of your family 🙂 Miss you guys tremendously! Thankful for your investment into my spiritual, emotional and mental growth (both you and Katie!).

        Got the book (Essentialism) in my Amazon cart and don’t be such a blogging stranger!!! I really enjoy hearing what is on your mind/heart!

        Hug Katie, Will, Avery and Seth for me!!

  2. A little humbling is always a good thing 🙂 I will remember the Organize or Agonize quote… I do tend to procrastinate more than I should and end up with more regrets. Lookin’ forward to reading more as you post.

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