Lessons from Joseph

Last week I was privileged to lead the Missionary Kid Program at the 2015 BBFI Missionary Reunion. We had missionary kids from all over the world, including countries like Russia, Singapore, Argentina, Australia, Zambia, and more. It was an incredible week where we focused on the theme: Living the dream.

We discussed how often times in our lives, we get focused on the negative aspects of our life and ministry instead of focusing on the positive things that God is doing. We spent some time looking at different men in the Bible like Jonah, David, Solomon, and my favorite, Joseph.

Joseph was living a life that seemed to get worse and worse around every corner. He was betrayed by his family, betrayed by his authority, and possibly thought that he was even betrayed by God from time to time. In the end, however, God worked every detail out and proved that his plan was to use this difficult path to bring him to a special place where God could use him in great ways!

Sometimes, I feel like can relate (on a much smaller scale) to Joseph. I have my dreams, my plans, and I am on my way to seeing them accomplished, and then something that happens that makes me say… WHAT?!?!?!?! It is in those moments that I must remind myself of Genesis 50:20, where Joseph told his brothers: What you meant for evil, God meant for good, to save much people alive.

Wow! Even in the darkest times, God was still working his plan, all that He required was that Joseph be faithful and trust Him. I hope to live with a testimony that I trust God and serve Him faithfully no matter the path He chooses for me.

I am privileged to speak at Sagmount Youth Camp in just about 2 weeks, I will be sharing about the life of Joseph! I am very excited to share the things that God is working me through in my own heart.

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