Lets have a SUCCESSFUL 2022

It is almost too late for a Happy New Year, start the year off right kind of blog post. I am sure that many people have already begun and already quit their resolutions for 2022. Well, here is something that I am focusing on at the beginning of the year that I believe will make this year a very special and encouraging year for me, my family, and my ministry.

The beginning of the year is a time for reflection and hope. I almost always have a feeling of hope when starting a new year. It is surprising that I can still be so optimistic at the beginning of the year even while so many years do not finish out the way that I planned then from the beginning, however, I remain optimistic and hopeful that this next year will be the year that I am more disciplined, more organized, more efficient, and more like Jesus.

I was listening to a podcast this week by Craig Groeschel (Listen to it here) and he explained that we often fail because of three main reasons: 1. We focus on the what, but we don’t understand the how. 2. We generally don’t see results fast enough. 3. Our negative self-perception sabotages our success. This podcast is really excellent and I believe that it will guide leaders to determine and establish systems to achieve a higher level of success in the year ahead. 

A few other takeaways that I captured from this podcast were some quotes I have heard Craig share time and time again, and yet, I needed to hear it again.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.”

In other words, just saying you want to accomplish something will not make it happen, instead, you must evaluate what measure of discipline is required to become who you want to be.

“My life and leadership is the sum total of all decisions”

We often think that the small decisions don’t matter, but they make all the difference. Success is based upon consistency in big and small things!

“Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.”

There are so many disciplines in my life that need to be practiced more consistently.

Running. Eating. Contacting People. Blogging. Reading. Learning. The list goes on and on…

At the end of the podcast, Craig encourages his listeners to create 3 Leadership “I Am” statements that answer the questions: “Who do I want to become?” Here are the three four healthy identities that I want to achieve for 2022.

I am neat.

My wife would really love it if this creative man of hers would be a little neater. I will create systems that will encourage her in this area of my life.

I am growing.

I love to listen to podcasts and read books, but I go through seasons of ups and downs where I want to and I don’t. I will aim to have more ups than downs this year. 

I am healthy.

I need to say no more often when it comes to sweets and snacks. I am so good at saying no to a run, and so bad at saying no to an ice cream sandwich. Let’s change the systems that lead to this behavior.

I am influencing young people.

One of the most encouraging areas of my life is investing in two different student groups each week. I love my time with them and want to continue to make that investment a priority. 

Thanks for reading! I hope that you are excited and optimistic about 2022. One other goal is that I have at least 26 weeks of blogging at least 3 days a week. Wow! That will be a challenge! Thanks for sticking with me through it all!

One thought on “Lets have a SUCCESSFUL 2022

  1. I am Statements!!! Powerful! I am going to try that! Thanks for the tips. My I am healthy statement succumbed after 15 days consistently on the treadmill to yes to a bowl of fruit with ice cream on top! Yikes! I am going to flip that back! And I am looking forward to more of your blogposts!

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