Happy Easter 2022

What a day at special day at Westside!

Just yesterday I was reminded about a great discipline I did for years early in ministry. Each Sunday night I would take a little time at the end of the day to give a Sunday Night Review of how God worked in our church that day. It is still neat to go back and read about those services and see how God worked in our ministry in the early days. I regret that I have not been consistent with that practice, however, when we have a weekend like we just experienced at Westside, I cannot help but share about what God did.

1500 People came to church! We had 7 people baptized! 8 people joined the church! 2 people made decisions to follow Christ. Great preaching! Great Musical Worship! It was an incredible day from beginning to end!

Our Musical Worship Setlist included:

  • Ain’t No Grave (Alive Forever Amen)
  • Christ Is Risen
  • O Praise the Name
  • Forever
  • End of the Beginning

A Great Day Because So Many Great People: Here are a few that stood out to me!

  • My Music and Media Staff
    What a team! I am so thankful for these people. They put in countless hours of preparation for Easter weekend! From media, to lighting, audio, instruments, vocalists, and everything in between, they hit it out of the park. So thankful for their service, their passion, and their leadership.
  • Justin and Patty Raymer
    Their son Jacob was baptized on Sunday, and they were so eager to be involved in our worship, serving both in the choir and orchestra that they asked Grandpa to come be with their son in the baptistry so they could do serve in their place. What a sacrifice. That would never be expected of parents to do, but it speaks volumes to their commitment to their place of service. I was blessed by it. I also got to meet their sweet grandmother who came and worshipped with us. Ruby was 97, and she said she loved the music!
  • Robby Youngblood
    This young man is a game changer. I am so thankful for Robby, his talent, his servants heart, and his passion for elevating everything he is involved in. Robby is a young leader in our church who goes all in to lead elements of lighting, technology and media. Robby was at church all day on Friday and Saturday installing lights and programing lights for Easter. He could be in many other places doing many other things, and we are so blessed that he serves with us at Westside.
  • Samuel Henry
    Another young leader in our church. Samuel is a senior in High School, and this guy is a servant, flexible, and skilled. He ran our first ever live feed wireless camera on stage, and he did it on Easter! He captured some incredible shots for the livestream! He served in a clutch situation and did an incredible job! So thankful for him.
  • Shawn Williams
    This guy, so faithful to come to all the choir rehearsals, and then on Easter Sunday he was needed to serve in the children’s ministry, and he skipped out on the main worship service to go serve where there was a greater need. I was sad that he wasn’t with us, but also inspired that he would be willing to sacrifice so much to serve others.
  • Brandon LaRochelle
    This guy is so talented, and he is always willing to serve and share his gift anytime he is asked. I am so thankful for all the amazing moments that he captured on Easter Sunday during our worship service.
  • Kindle Simmons
    Kindle is such a gifted young leader, she could have led almost every capacity of music on Sunday, and she was willing to sing with all her heart in the choir. She makes herself of no reputation and is willing to serve wherever she is needed.
  • The Encouragers
    So thankful for so many worshippers young and old who shared how blessed they were by our worship on Sunday. It was a moving and powerful service and I am so thankful the Lord uses us and blesses us through our worship.

Watch our service here and be blessed!

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