Lessons Learned from Will

My son, Will, is one of my top four favorite people in the entire world. He is my first born. So talented. So handsome. So fun to spend time with. He has taught me so much.

Being that he was our first child, he obviously helped Katie and I learn a great deal about life, parenting, and raising a child with a strong will. (He was named perfectly) Typically parents spend their life trying to make sure that their children learn from them, but it is far less frequent that we consider all the things that we have learned from our children. Will has taught me so much, but the most recent lesson is the one that I will share with you today.

I was driving home from a youth band activity last night, talking with Will about some areas of his life that I want him to grow in, to stretch himself, and to help him be a better leader. As I spoke with him, I thought to myself, it is wildly ironic that as I am instructing him, he responds with respect, shows lip service, and says “Yes sir” to every life lesson that I am sharing with him.

But as I began to think about how we can go from this moment of agreement back to real life where he is most likely not going to heed my advice, I thought to myself, how is it that I have so much more life experience, I have literally lived what he is going through, I know what I would do differently and the wisdom that I wish I had when I was his age. I communicate that wisdom and experience to him, that truth to him, and yet deep down, he is still convinced that his way is better.

I can explain something with logic, with reason, with passion, with love, with examples, with truth and yet, he is convinced that my way is not quite accurate and that his way is better.

I continued driving, wondering how could this be, when the Holy Spirit said to me… this is how you act towards your Heavenly father.

God tells you what is true, what makes sense, what is best for your life. God tells you these things over and over again through His word and through His spirit. God tells you these things with love, and passion and truth, and yet you, Lee, still think your way is better.

Oh man. That is convicting.

God knows better. God knows all. God instructs me, and often I am tempted to respectfully give Him lip-service, say, “Yes Sir” and then continue on in my life doing what I want to do. Doing what I think is best.

Lord, please forgive me.

I will do my best to be more patient and long-suffering with Will in those moments, as I remember that my Heavenly father knows far more than Wills earthly father does. God is so patient and long-suffering with me even when I think that my way is better.

Lord, help me to be more like you when leading my son, and help me to trust your direction even when I am tempted to believe that I know better.

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