Do You Believe That What You are Working for Will Ever Happen?

The link above will take you to a website that honestly seems like an unbelievable hoax, but it is not. Eternal Earthbound Pets is a creative way to take advantage of Christians who believe in the rapture. Wow! It is really creative, what is even more shocking is that they really do have customers.

I do not have alot to say about this, but I would recommend you going to to their FAQ page and check it out. My personal favorite: “Q: How can we trust that you’ll honor your service agreement, afterall, you ARE atheists.

Even more disturbing, is the question:  Q: Do YOU believe in the Rapture.
A: As atheists we do not hold beliefs in the supernatural or a divine being.  Thus, we do not believe in the Rapture.  However, we respect the beliefs of others and are open to the possibility that our perspective could possibly be wrong. 

Do you believe that what you are working for will actually happen?

What a question! Now, I am pretty confident that in the hearts of these people they are comfortable with the fact that they are ripping off Christians, but still. Can you imagine working for something that you don’t believe will ever happen.

I cannot imagine working day after day for something that I never believe will happen. I am so thankful for the vision and the ideas that God has put into my heart. I want to do great things for His glory and the great thing is that I believe that what God has planned for my future will happen, if I am faithful to Him.

What do you think about Eternal Earth Bound Pets? Why doesnt someone ask them: If you don’t believe the rapture will ever happen, then why do you charge people money? AND How in the world do we know that you will follow through with your claims? 🙂 Wow!