The Biggest Loser Spiritual Application

Well, tonight Katie and I watched the season premiere of the Biggest Loser. It was crazy ridiculous because within the first 10 minutes of the show I was so emotional that it was embarrassing even to been seen by my wife. As I watched one large person after another sit there on TV telling the world their sob stories about how they got to that point I was wiping my eyes with one hand and eating Doritos with the other hand. Although that may sound somewhat amusing, I must admit, I was caught of guard by how emotional I was. I thought to myself, why was I so touched by what these people were saying, and as I thought about the answer, I realized a few things.

These people have been living an absolutely self-destructive life, and the consequences of their actions (or lack of actions) has brought them pain and regret.

I listened to these hurting people share how they had messed up their lives in so many ways (physically) and how they wanted something different for their lives. That spoke to me, because every person fat or slim has the same problem (spiritually).

I was even more concerned as I forgot about the physical struggles that these people have faced and thought about their spiritual condition.

On the outside they have some fat on their body that will potentially kill them at the worst and make them miserably uncomfortable at the very least, but that situation is nothing compared to the spiritual situation so many people face.

As I watched these people share their hearts about weight loss, I thought: why aren’t we as Christian as passionate about Christ as Jillian is about weight loss. After all, one is temporal and one is eternal!

At one point Jillian said this: “when I see some giving less then their full potential it pisses me off!!!” I thought: wow! And that is about burning fat!

We need to be that passionate about our calling to reach the lost so that we can prevent burning of souls! Forget about fat!

And yes, I am excited about Season 8 of the Biggest Loser 🙂