Missed Opportunities…

I have had this thought on my mind over and over for the past few months. It all goes back to one person named Bob Kendall. In Bible College my favorite professor was Dr. Bob Kendall. He was an incredible teacher. He taught in such a transparent, easy to understand, practical application way that captured the attention of every student. When I asked Katie to marry me, I knew there was one man who I wanted to do our marriage counseling. The way that he taught his students about his own life lessons, his own marriage and family experiences, I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He taught me many things during our marriage counseling sessions that I have remembered for years. In fact, I have shared several of those principles and saying to every couple that I have led through marriage counseling over the years. He made such a great impact on my heart, life, marriage and ministry. I have been so blessed by Bob Kendall.

Four years ago God led Bob and his wonderful wife to Westside Baptist Church. Within his first few weeks, I went up and told him what a blessing that he was to my wife and I. I told him how his teaching and counseling has impacted my life and ministry and I told him that I would love to spend more time with him now that he is a member of Westside. I will never forget his response. Bob said to me: “I have nothing but time.”

I have nothing but time…

On Friday, July 17th this great man left this old world and went to be with Jesus.

His funeral was the sweetest memorial service that I have ever been to in my entire life. His children got up and spoke so eloquently about this legend of a man. They each shared about the faithfulness of their father and his love for Jesus. I was blessed to get up and lead a few songs to sing, and I was able to briefly share about his impact on my life.

It was bittersweet in many ways. I was so thankful that he was no longer struggling with his health. He had been struggling for years. I was thankful that he finished his race so well. I was thankful to witness a memorial service for this faithful saint. But I also had such an overwhelming feeling of regret. Other than a few minutes before or after worship services, here and there, I never took the opportunity to meet Bob for breakfast or lunch. It was such a missed opportunity for me. Such a missed opportunity.

He was willing to meet me and pour into me at anytime, and he had plenty of time for me, and I missed it. While I will never know the lessons that I missed that he would have taught me, I can at least learn this lesson. Do not miss opportunities.

What opportunities are available to you right now, that if they were no longer available tomorrow, you would regret not taking advantage of? Who do you need to contact, that may not be available tomorrow? What trip do you need to take before it is no longer available? What race should you run before you no longer have the ability to run?

Pray and ask the Lord to show you what opportunities are in front of you. Ask the Lord to give you clarity about who and what you need to do, and then DO IT! Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. Don’t miss this opportunity.

P.S. There have been hundreds of blog posts ideas that I have had over the last year. I think to myself: This is such an important thing for me to write about. I want to record my thoughts so that I can help others and remind myself later, and guess what… I missed those opportunities as well. I forgot many of those lessons and may never remember them again. But, if the Lord brings them to my mind, then I will not miss the opportunity again. I will record those thoughts and I will share them with you.

Thanks for reading!

God Bless you my friends!


2 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities…

  1. YES!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! Ok this made my morning!!!!! THANK YOU for this reminder and thank you for (hopefully) blogging A WHOLE BUNCH again!!!!!!! 🙂

    GREAT post Pastor Lee – made me tear up!!!!!

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