Last night my wife and I and a few other people went to see the movie Avatar. I thought the movie was incredible in many facets, I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematography,the effects and creative genius was very entertaining. The new technology that was used was mind-blowing. I am very excited to see how that kind of technology will be used in future filming.

If that were all of my thoughts about the movie, then I would have to tell you that I loved it. But there were some things that I did not enjoy that I could not overlook.

First of all, what does it take to classify a movie as “R” rated anymore? Only blatant nudity and the “F “word? Here is what plugged in says about the Language alone: ” About a dozen s-words. Also, 10 misuses of God’s name (including six or seven pairings with “d‑‑n”) and three abuses of Jesus’ name. We hear roughly 20 other profanities (“h‑‑‑,” “a‑‑,” “b‑‑ch,” “b‑‑tard,” “p‑‑‑”) and three crude references to the male anatomy (“d‑‑k” among them).” It is extremely disheartening to see how standards continue to dwindle. Where do we draw a line? Seriously? Think about it… Where is your line??

Second, does anyone realize that the enemies in this movie are humans… people like you and me. We are the bad guys. The humanistic, environmentalist agenda in this movie is very disappointing. The moral presented is that if you are not a “tree hugger”, then you are a right-wing extremest that doesn’t care about life or the planet we live on. One quote about the movie said this:

“Humans, he (Jake Sully) angrily declares, have already wrecked their own planet through their greed. “There is no green” on their “dying world” because “they have killed their mother”. Now we land-raping humans plan to wreck Pandora, too, with our “shock-and-awe” bombings, our war on “terror” and our genocidal plans to destroy the Na’vi and steal their lands. So complete is Cameron’s disgust with humans – and so convinced he is that his audience shares it – that he’s made film history: he’s created the first mass-market movie about a war between aliens and humans in which we’re actually meant to barrack for the aliens.”

Some people have said, Come on, it is fiction. Oh yeah, well if it is only fiction, then keep the agenda out of it. Listen to this audio clip from plugged in, where the director himself explains the message that he was trying to convey through this movie.


also there is an incredible article about Avatar at this link:

The Herald Sun

I wish that there really was a planet called Pandora where we could send all of these Hollywood, Humanistic agenda pushers 🙂  Now that would make a good movie!

Learn to Discern!

What is an RSS Feed?

Although RSS stands for “REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION”, it seems like there is nothing simple about it, at first. But I want to take just a second and explain it to you very basically. This will not be a thorough explanation, mainly because I don’t know a thorough explanation, but I will share with you why RSS Feeds are important and how you can get set up with one right now.


Every morning, I can walk outside and get the newspaper that has been freshly printed and freshly delivered to my house. It is really simple, I just walk outside and get it. A RSS Feed is basically the same thing: It is a delivery system for your favorite blogs.

Whether you read family blogs, friend blogs, mentor blogs, waste of time blogs, or any other kind of blog, through the RSS Feed system you can go to one place (whether it be your iPhone, your Kindle, or your google home page) every day to read all of those blogs, where they have been freshly delivered to you.

It is not necessary if you do not read blogs, but if you have more than two blogs that you find yourself checking a few times a week, it will save you a little bit of time to subscribe to their RSS Feed, so intead of you going to someones blog, their blog comes to you.

I am a huge fan of several different blogs, and every day I go on my iPhone to my Free RSS Reader app where I have 22 different blogs delivered to me daily (or whenever they are posted). Some of my favorites are: Perry Noble, Steven Furtick, Deadly Viper Blog, Greg Peters Live, Brad Cooper, Ben Jennings Blog, Lifechurch.tv, and The Batterson Blog

Well, if you have any other questions then I recommend Wiki or Google

Look to the right of my blog and you will see other RSS feeds that you can subscribe to, and don’t forget to click on that RSS Symbol at the top of this page 🙂

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I thought I would post a quick list of my favorite iPhone apps today. If you know of any great apps that I have not mentioned please post them in the comments below!

I will go in order of my most recent favorites:

Slydial: When was the last time you had to call someone and you prayed the whole time that they would not answer their phone because you did not want to talk to them? Well, with Slydial, you call straight to an individuals Voicemail. In fact it even shows a missed call on their phone, but their phone never rings, this allows you to leave them a message without the risk of having to talk to them 🙂 Pretty Sly Huh! (Cost: FREE)

Logmein: take control of any of your computers from your iphone, anytime and anywhere (with 3g service that is) I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but it is definitely worth the $29.99 price for this app, you can literally see your monitor on your iPhone screen and you can control it as if you were sitting at your desk. Great app!

DropBox: This is my newest app and it is pretty great! Put a shortcut on your computer and anytime you want to share a file with your iPhone you just drop in in the shortcut folder, it puts it right in your dropbox app and you can share it with any other computer or email it at anytime. (Cost: FREE)

C25K: sounds cheesy, I know, but it has changed my life. I am healthier than I have ever been. I now run about 15 miles a week, and when I started the program I could only run about 60 seconds without almost passing out. Great app and great program to get you “up and running” 🙂

Signature:  This is a neat little app that puts a nice little signature at the end of all your emails with sharp links to your facebook, twitter, rss feeds, and youtube.  I think this app was free but it may have cost $.99. Here is a screen clip of what it looks like: (no links)


MySongbook: Incredible app for any guitarist. you can import any guitar tab and store it on your iPhone. It will transpose the tab into your favorite chords and it has an automatic scroll feature so that you do not have to stop playing to slide the screen down.  It will also show you how to play any chord just by tapping the chord on the tab. Ingenius! Definitely one of my favorite apps.

Well, I am always looking for new apps, so if you find one, please let me know! Thanks

Lee Tomlin